Ancient Asian cultures have long practiced the beauty ritual known as “layering”.

Its basic tenets include:

 Make up removal, and gentle but thorough cleansing, (this combo is referred to as “double cleansing”)

Serum and eye product that is applied accompanied by gentle tapping.

Nourishing, Hydrating, and Moisturizing layers follow.

Cosmetic companies derived many of their regimens from these ancient Korean and Japanese customs.

Step 1. Remove all your makeup before bedtime

This is a vital first step at nighttime. For most adults, oil is the best; teens and 20’s go lighter. Use a light circular motion before wiping off. This promotes deep removal of make-up and gently stimulates blood flow.

Step 2. Cleanse

Washing your face in the am and at night is so important! Use warm water on a soft washcloth and apply a small dollop of cleanser to the washcloth, blend and apply to face for a few passes; then rinse with cool water. Keep the process brief! 10 minutes of hot water in the shower is too long and too hot as it dries out the skin.

Step 3. Tone

Toner removes powdery soap residue for those who are still washing their face with bar soap. Toner pads that can double duty by providing premium antioxidants to your skin are an excellent option.

Step 4. Repair

AHHHH-now you nourish your clean skin! Apply lighter products such as serums first, followed by light lotions. Just as is the traditional Japanese way, lightly tap your fingers on your face immediately after you apply a serum. Tap gently like you are playing Mozart on the piano. Don’t pound like you are playing Beethoven.

Step 5. Eyes

Gently tapping is also the best way to apply the proper under-eye product. The tapping motion stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which is helpful in this prone to puffiness area.

Step 6. Moisturize and Sunblock

We should all be applying sunblock to our face every morning. Depending on your stage of life, your skin condition, and the time of the year, you will or will not need to moisturize prior to sunblock. If you think that everyone needs moisturizer all the time, think again. Teens and 20’s with oily skin and acne breakouts don’t routinely need to apply moisturizer. But, if your skin is routinely dry and tight after the above steps then consider moisturizing prior to sunblock.

Step 7. Importance of a good anti-aging regimen

Next time you are in the office for a treatment by Dr. Sabetta, ask us if you would like your ritual regimen to be customized specifically for you.