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Over 50- Cosmetic Procedures for Your 50’s +

Women don’t stop feeling beautiful and energetic when they hit 50, so why should their faces show signs of age? In order to retain a youthful look at this age, it is absolutely necessary to address global facial issues. The natural aging process results in deep tissue volume loss and surface issues as well, such as wrinkles and brown or red spots, no matter how well we have taken care of our skin. Over time, gravity contributes to the movement of fat deposits in the face, generally downward. The result can be sagging jowls or neck, tired looking skin and an increase in lines and wrinkles. Hormone changes can contribute to the appearance of age spots and skin discoloration. Furthermore, even for women who have maintained the most comprehensive sun care routines, the cumulative effect of sun damage over time becomes difficult to ignore.


Each woman will have specific trouble areas, but by the time we reach 50 the general signs of aging manifest themselves on our faces. Some women of the age of 50 or older can appear to have more wrinkled skin than non-wrinkled skin. The most focused treatments for these women are the Wrinkle Buster Combo, and Rejuvenation Complete. These techniques are game changers. They even out your blotchy skin color, reduce fine wrinkles, improve your skin texture for skin tightening and smoothing. The addition of the Liquid Lift will help to restore volume and eliminate folds and sunken hollows for an overall more youthful look. Thread Lift immediately repositions and lifts droopy cheeks, brows, and neck. Fractional Laser Resurfacing series for skin tightening is particularly beneficial to treat facial wrinkles, since it helps stimulate the formation of new collagen.  Photo-Facial Skin Rejuvenation is one of Dr Sabetta’s signature treatments for the face neck, chest and arms when the goal is the elimination of sun spots, age spots, discolorations and veins. This treatment simultaneously reduces some signs of sun damage.

Healthy Beauty Tips:

Have realistic expectations for your skin. Regular use of sunscreen, a long standing anti-aging product regimen and prior treatments may hold off some signs of aging, but time still takes a toll on our skin and underlying tissues. Your doctor will work with you to develop the best course of treatment to meet your expectations.

  • You must take a global approach to anti-aging treatments. Treating just one isolated issue may draw attention to other areas of your face. Consult with your doctor to develop a plan to address signs of aging on your entire face to restore your youthful glow.
  • Continue your anti-aging skin regimen using a physician strength product line.
  • Signs of sun damage are evident on even the most diligent sunscreen users at this age. To reduce the appearance of sun spots or discoloration, schedule a consultation to discuss Photo-Facial Rejuvenation.

Dr. Sabetta uses a combination of safe, effective treatments to reverse the signs of aging and help you look as young as you feel. Call today to schedule a consultation to determine a treatment plan that will work best for you.