The Wrinkle Buster Combo is ideal for the person who wants to tackle the tougher deeper wrinkles and has 5-7 days of downtime. Having a more youthful appearance can be a real advantage personally and professionally. Non-surgical laser resurfacing is the gold standard for wrinkle removal. Dr. Sabetta’s Wrinkle Buster combination uses a combination of a fractionated non-ablative laser with a fractionated ablative laser to tailor the treatment to the individual’s needs – helping to maximize treatment results while minimizing downtime.

The Wrinkle Buster Combo is the best laser treatment for:

  • Fine and medium facial wrinkles
  • Smoothing out skin irregularities
  • Targeting deep wrinkles

Why Choose Dr. Julia Sabetta For Wrinkle Buster Combo?

Dr. Sabetta’s particular interest is providing her patients superior non-surgical (non-cutting) skin enhancement, rejuvenation, and sun damage reversal. This is her guiding principle when evaluating new technologies for the office. Her Wrinkle Buster Laser was purchased because of its ability to tailor the depth of the penetration and the size of the area being treated with each pulse. Dr. Sabetta is able to customize her treatment plan to provide patients with the best results while minimizing downtime.

Understanding More About the Wrinkle Buster Combo

The Wrinkle Buster treatment combines a precise 2940nm fractionated laser with a 1540 Fractionated laser to maximize aesthetic outcomes while minimizing patient discomfort and downtime. The laser resurfacing reduces fine to medium wrinkles and stimulates the growth of new collagen, which helps restore skin elasticity and further reduces the appearance of wrinkles.