Concern: mild –moderate brow droop/ lax skin between brow and eye

Ideal for: 30-55 year olds with mild – moderate brow droop

Results Last: 6 Months

Results Seen: Immediately

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Absorbable thread lifting is the simple, safe, and non-surgical way to immediately and predictably lift your eyebrows. The threads are placed just under the skin somewhat near your hairline after a bit of local anesthesia. The tiny barbs on the thread surface catch on the underside of your skin to lift your brow slightly into a more pleasing position. When your body starts to absorb the thread, collagen is produced promoting skin tightening. Brow thread lifting is complimented well when you have a neuromodulator such as Botox or Dysport on board.

Absorbable thread lifting is a popular way to lift the brows, especially the outer brow/eye region. The cosmetic result is a natural, rested, more youthful look that previously could only be achieved by invasive surgery.