Dr. Julia Sabetta uses a combination of minimally invasive treatments to achieve non-surgical face lifting.   Dr. Sabetta’s lift restore facial contours, gently up-lift facial features, create natural cheekbones, and restore symmetry and definition. Fillers such as Voluma® Juvederm®, Restylane Silk ® or Defyne® can be used depending on the specific needs of your face.  Absorbable Threads can be used to lift lax skin on the jawline or neck.  Ultherapy is an excellent preventative maintenance treatment that uses ultrasound to lift and tighten the cheeks, neck, eyebrows and décolleté.  Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a great natural volume builder which stimulates your own fresh new collagen & elastin production and is an excellent remedy for the sunken cheeks and temple areas.

Dr. Sabetta can often achieve some eyebrow lift by expertly placing your Botox®, Dysport® or Jeuveau.

The Lift is ideal for:

  • Gentle lift of cheeks, droopy brows and jowls.
  • Lifting smile lines and marionette lines
  • Restoration of natural facial contours
  • Contour & diminish jowls
  • Filling in sunken cheeks & temples.
  • Correction of deep circles under eyes

Based on your needs, your lifestyle, your schedule of desired results and your exact issue being treated Dr. Sabetta can help you select which treatments would be most appropriate for you.

Dr. Sabetta strategically places Filler in a way that lifts and restores contours for those people whose volume loss gives them sunken sagging appearance.  Her technique includes the use of soft cannulas to safely re-volumize your face without that tell-tale over-filled appearance.   To get the defined cheekbone and jawline look that is so popular today cannulas are also instrumental.

If you want the result for a special event that is fast approaching then a filler liquid lift, with its immediate results, may be for you. For someone who is looking for a gradual volume improvement that also builds collagen a PRP series may be a good option. Dr. Sabetta discusses all your options with you so that the two of you can devise a treatment plan that will help achieve the look you want in the time-frame that works best for you.

Why Choose Dr. Julia Sabetta?

Dr. Julia Sabetta is a board certified dermatologic surgeon with a comprehensive knowledge of facial anatomy and facial aesthetics. It is important to choose a physician who understands the intricate workings of the facial components involved in order to select the best treatments that will most enhance your appearance.  Advanced injection techniques and correct placement of products and use of devices can affect your satisfaction with your results and its longevity.  Dr. Julia can help you make the right selection based on your desired results and your unique facial structure.

Understanding Non-surgical Lift: The Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical Alternative

Results from a Lift can range from subtle to astonishing-depending on your needs and desires.  It is your choice! Voluma® and Thread Lift results are immediately visible thus making them an excellent choice for that reunion, wedding or holiday party that’s coming up in 2 weeks’ time.  Liquid Filler Lift, Ultherapy or Thread-Lifts procedures generally take an hour or so, and you can return to most normal routines the same day.