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Thread Lift

Concern: Sagging cheeks and jawline

Recovery Time: Tender for a few days

Ideal for: Men and women over 45

Results Last: 4-6 months

Results Seen: immediately

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Thread Lift is the most effective way to lift loose skin without surgery.  This minimally invasive procedure lifts and tightens excess skin of the cheeks and neck.  This “Insta-Lift” can provide up to a half-inch of immediate lift.  It helps to restore a defined jawline and eliminate the “jowly” look that comes with age.

Thread Lift has been widely used in Europe and Asia for years and is now popular in the US as well.  These absorbable threads are not new to the medical field; they are a new use of a tried and true suture material used safely for decades in surgery.

This 30 minute procedure is perfect for both men and women who need minimal to moderate lift and want to avoid the surgery, down-time, or risk associated with a face-lift.  Thread Lift is used by people starting in their 50’s as a remedy for sagging skin.  A young face has a “V-shape”.  With age and sun damage, skin starts to sag and the youthful shape is lost.  Thread lift helps to instantly restore and preserve the youthful “V-shape”.

Threads are one of the best treatments for locations where you want immediate skin lifting without filling.  Smooth threads can also be used to stimulate collagen

  • Lifting of loose and sagging skin
  • Lifting of cheeks or neck and reducing loose skin
  • Creating a more sculptured neck and jawline
  • Reduction of jowls
  • People who do not want to use injectibles
  • Add volume to lip border without bruising or swelling
  • Tighten crepey skin with Nova Mesh Smooth Thread series
  • Add definition to vermillion border

Why Choose Dr. Julia Sabetta for your Thread Lift or Thread Mesh

Dr. Julia Sabetta is a fellowship trained dermatologic surgeon and has decades of experience working with sutures in the delicate planes of the face.  She has both dermatologic and plastic surgery training which afford her a deep understanding of the anatomy and movement of the face.  Dr. Sabetta has the skill and judgment to create your naturally beautiful look.

Understanding more about threads:

Nova Threads and Silhouette Threads are the currently used brands.  Both are temporary and absorbable and therefore safe and totally different than the permanent threads used in the 90’s.  Nova threads are naturally absorbed within 4-6 months.  The absorption process creates new collagen so that collagen replaces the threads and extends the duration of the improvement. Nova Threads are made of PDO (Polydioxanone) and Silhouette Threads are made of PLLA (Poly-L-lactic Acid)

Nova Threads Barb 4 is the newest version of Nova Thread for improved skin lifting.  Nova Smooth threads can be placed under the skin vertically and horizontally to create a foundation for collagen stimulation.  When done as a series, patients will see a gradual improvement to fine lines and skin firmness.  Nova Twist Threads can be used to add a little more volume.

What to expect:

Dr. Sabetta will examine you and determine the optimal vectors and Nova Threads to create your ideal improvement.  The insertion site is cleansed, numbed with local anesthetic and the threads is inserted and advanced along the vector.  The thread is engaged and the skin repositioned to reveal your lifted look.  Most treatment areas require 4-5 threads.

Nova threads come in three styles and can be used for more than just lifting.

Lifting Threads lifts sagging cheek and neck skin to immediately improve youthful facial and jawline contours without a facelift.

Smooth Threads can be placed in a cross hatch fashion to create collagen without lifting.  This is an excellent approach for the difficult to treat problem of crepy skin such as on the lower cheeks and under the chin and body.

Twist Threads can be placed in areas where creation of collagen AND slight filling is called for.  This is an excellent approach for providing a subtle re-creation of the lip borders without injectables.

Post Procedure: 

Avoid strenuous activity for 12-24 hours post procedure.  Expect to take Advil or Motrin to alleviate moderate tight or tender sensation during that time.  That sensation can persist to a mild degree for a few weeks.  Bruising can occur but it usually mild in quality and limited in number.  Avoid trauma or pressure to the treatment areas.

Thread lift if often used in conjunction with filler which re-volumizes flat areas, restores cheekbones and reduces facial lines and wrinkles.