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Stretch Mark Laser Series

Concern: Stretch marks regardless of age or skin color

Recovery Time: 4-10 days medical downtime; Red a few days, pink a few days

Ideal for: Teens and up

Results Last: Long-lasting results

Results Seen: Gradually over a few to several treatments with final improvement after 3 months

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Stretch mark treatment is the perfect choice for the individual who wants to eliminate the appearance of stretch marks on the body, upper arms, or legs, regardless of age or skin color. Stretch marks appear when significant changes in weight occur, such as after childbirth or weight loss surgery. This treatment is ideal for those people who have 4-10 days for downtime.

Enjoy smooth, blemish-free skin, and the ability to wear whatever you want with confidence. Non-surgical, minimally invasive laser treatment works exceptionally well on even the most stubborn stretch marks. Dr. Julia Sabetta tailors stretch mark treatment to the individual’s needs, targeting specific areas with pinpoint precision to maximize results while minimizing downtime.

Stretch Mark Treatment is the best option for:

  • Post-partum stretch marks on abdomen and lower back
  • Stretch marks on torso, chest area, and upper arms
  • Targeting stretch marks on buttocks, thighs, and legs

Why Choose Dr. Julia Sabetta For Stretch Mark Treatments?

Dr. Sabetta’s particular interest is providing her patients with superior non-surgical (non-cutting) skin enhancement and rejuvenation. Stretch mark treatments restore natural elasticity and skin tone while minimizing the appearance of white, silver, and dark stretch marks. The procedure is not painful, and most patients need only minimal downtime. Laser resurfacing restores and rejuvenates the appearance of the skin, eliminating stretch marks quickly and effectively.

Understanding More About Stretch Mark Treatment

To achieve maximum results, Dr. Sabetta uses a fractionated non-ablative laser to maximize aesthetic outcomes while minimizing patient discomfort and downtime. The laser resurfacing reduces the appearance of stretch marks while simultaneously stimulating the growth of new collagen, which helps restore skin elasticity and tone.