A Stretch Mark treatment series is amazing at minimizing the appearance of unsightly stretch marks anywhere on their body- abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, or legs. The treatment works regardless of the individual’s age, gender, skin color, or the age of the stretch marks themselves. Stretch marks ( or Striae as they are known in the medical community) can be purple or red when they are new. With time, striae lose their red /purple color so that mature stretch marks are generally white.  People of color are often particularly  annoyed by the appearance of their stretch marks  because the contrast between their lovely normal skin color and the white stretch mark is particularly noticeable. 

Stretch marks appear when a quick significant change in weight or size occurs, such as with childbirth or with a growth spurt. Abdominal Striae due to pregnancy often co-exist with loose, crepey skin which also responds positively to this treatment series.

Enjoy smoother, tighter skin, and increased confidence with this negligible downtime series. Genius Radio-Frequency MN/ Needle RF, Fractionated Laser Resurfacing are the non-surgical, minimally invasive modalities that are exceptionally effective for mature white striae and lax skin. IPL can be added to reduce red/purple color in young striae. Dr. Julia Sabetta tailors stretch treatment to your individual needs, targeting specific areas with pinpoint precision to maximize your results.

Stretch Mark Treatment is the best option for:

  • Post-partum stretch marks on abdomen and lower back
  • Stretch marks on torso, chest area, and upper arms
  • Targeting stretch marks on buttocks, thighs, and legs

Why Choose Dr. Julia Sabetta For Stretch Mark Treatments?

Dr. Sabetta’s particular interest is providing her patients with superior non-surgical (non-cutting) skin enhancement and rejuvenation. Stretch mark treatments restore natural elasticity and skin tone while minimizing the appearance of white, silver, and dark stretch marks. Patients are comfortable during the procedure and downtime is minimal. Most patients need only a few hours for pinkness to reduce. 

Understanding More About Stretch Mark Treatment

To achieve maximum results, Dr. Sabetta uses Genius the most effective and up to date Radiofrequency MN device or a fractionated non-ablative resurfacing laser to maximize aesthetic outcomes while minimizing patient discomfort and downtime. Treatment reduces the appearance of stretch marks while simultaneously stimulating the growth of new collagen, which helps restore skin elasticity and tone.