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PDT Blue Light Series for Acne

Concern: Resistant acne

Recovery Time: No medical downtime; 1 ½ days sun avoidance post treatment

Ideal for: Teens & people who seek a safe more definitive solution to control their acne which has been resistant to conventional treatments.

Results Last: Varies with severity of acne

Results Seen: After a few treatments but expect 6 treatments for best results

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Photo-Dynamic Therapy, also known as PDT, involves a topical application of Levulan® and pulsed light, or blue light treatment with DUSA Pharmaceuticals’ BLU-U system, to effectively combat acne, clogged pores and oily skin.

Photo-Dynamic Therapy is a comfortable, safe, non-invasive and effective part of a long term regimen to get control of unsightly blemishes and chronic acne. This treatment is ideal for patients with acne that is inadequately controlled by conventional therapy, and those who are looking for results without the use of pills. PDT treatment does not use drying topical lotions or home medications, making it a great option for someone with sensitive skin.

Photo-Dynamic Therapy is a superior treatment for:

  • Chronic acne, clogged pores, and oily skin
  • Rosacea and discolorations

Why Choose Dr. Julia Sabetta For Photo-Dynamic Therapy?

As an experienced dermatological surgeon, Dr. Julia Sabetta has a comprehensive understanding of skin problems. She is committed to working individually with every patient to help them heal. Photo-Dynamic Therapy is an innovative way to treat chronic acne and sun damage, and with the guidance of an expert medical professional, it can deliver impressive results.

Understanding More About Photo-Dynamic Therapy

Your Photo-Dynamic Therapy for acne treatment will include a Levulan® application, followed by a short 15-20 minute treatment of pulsed light, or blue light with DUSA Pharmaceuticals’ BLU-U Photo-Dynamic Therapy Illuminator. The result is a safe, comfortable, non-invasive and effective treatment for moderate inflammatory acne, clogged pores, oily skin, rosacea, redness, uneven skin tone, and sun damage. PDT treatments for acne work by targeting bacteria deep in the sebaceous glands within your skin. No special preparation is required, but you will need to avoid direct sunlight for approximately 1 1/2 days after the procedure. PDT may be used as a solo acne treatment or used in adjunct to an existing acne regimen. Depending on the severity of your chronic acne, for maximum control you could require up to six PDT treatments, followed by a few maintenance treatments per year.