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NEW PHOTOS that show REAL results with treatment by Dr. Julia Sabetta.  

This is what models do to look amazing for fashion week…and here’s why you should do it too!

Dr. Sabetta uses Aquagold to target the mouth and other hard to treat areas in a safe and effective way, She has been able to achieve noticeable smoothing and lift with just one treatment.





Restylane Refyne and Defyne




Kybella for Permanent Fat Reduction on the body.





Dr. Sabetta’s Aqua Gold Treatment is great for that crinkly skin around the eyes.


Volbella Lip Filler to the border of the lips for more definition.

Sabetta Lift-Lunch-time Treatment

Lisa desired better definition of her jawline without a face-lift.  She needed lifting without filling.

She was thrilled at the result of this “lunch-time” treatment!


Sabetta Lift Before and After



Dorothy wants to look her best for her son’s upcoming wedding.

She chose to be treated by Dr. Sabetta because she wanted a non-invasive approach to rejuvenating her skin.  Dr. Sabetta recommended a combination treatment since Dorothy has multiple treatment concerns on both her face and neck.

Whether you have a special event, or you just want to look your best for every day life, Dr. Sabetta can help you look your best!



Before full face and under chin/upper neck .  Remedy: Ultherapy, and some facial filler. Ultherapy lifts and tightens. Filler replaces lost volume.




2nd Ultherapy treatment this time just to under chin / upper neck for slimmer more streamlined neckline.





Photo rejuvenation MaxG to remove facial veins and improve skin texture, pores and glow.  This is a patient favorite !



Dorothy is happy, self-assured, and ready to celebrate, make her son proud, and glow in the family photos ….and to impress the ex!



AN is a woman in her 50s, and a card-carrying member of the “I hate my neck club!”

Like most people, she did not want to have surgery.  She was excited when she found at that Dr. Sabetta was the 1st doctor in New England to perform this non-invasive treatment.  She jumped at the opportunity to schedule an appointment when she was told that the doctor performs the treatment herself!  She was overjoyed with the results of her more sculpted neckline.






Max G Photo-rejuvenation

LK, 71 year old patient, was bothered by her red looking face for years.  Dr. Sabetta performed one Max G photo rejuvenation treatment.  LK loves how refreshed her skin appears  and was pleased that the procedure was comfortable with little downtime. If you have a beauty concern, ask Dr Sabetta, she’s the non- invasive skin solution doctor!




Fractional Laser Resurfacing for Stretch Marks!

NC is a young mother who despised the stretch marks on her belly. Her stretch marks bothered her so much that she was embarrassed to go to the beach, and wear anything revealing at all.  When NC heard that Fractional Laser Resurfacing could help her, she came in for a consultation with Dr. Sabetta immediately. Together, they developed a unique treatment series for her abdomen, and now, she is ecstatic over her smooth belly skin. In fact, she is so happy that she is scheduled for Liposonix non invasive fat reduction in a few days. Her goal is to regain her  confidence, and proudly wear a bikini this summer on the beach!







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