Permanent Laser Hair Removal

 Dr Sabetta provides you with the most advanced treatment available using Vectus with Skintel Melanin Reader


Look Your Best Everyday- Feel Free and Confident

It has been said that everyone has some unwanted hair.  Unwanted facial and body hair can be the source of lifelong embarrassment among both men and women.  Men with hairy backs are mocked as “hairy apes.”  Excess hair in women is considered unfeminine. Waxing and shaving can deposit gross skin lesions such as painful ingrown hair cysts, and unsightly discolorations and scars. Plus, the well- established style now is smooth clean backs and chests for men and silky clear bikini areas for women. Well, get ready to lose the unwanted hair, erase the labels, and restore your confidence!  Laser hair removal with Dr Julia Sabetta delivers effective, safe, comfortable, and fast permanent hair reduction of even large areas such as back, legs, arms and bikini area that will leave you looking and feeling your sleekest and most confident. Be worry-free everyday! Dr. Julia Sabetta provides you with the most UP-TO-DATE and customized permanent hair removal treatment, featuring the state of the art Vectus system.

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Dr. Julia Sabetta’s Office and Vectus are ideal for:

  • Bikini, Brazilian
  • Legs
  • Arms, Underarms
  • Back, Chest, Belly
  • “Man-scaping”
  • Beard, Neck
  • Face- Lip and Chin
  • Virtually any hair color, ranging from blond, red and light brown to black
  • Hair reduction for those with skin of color
  • Virtually all skin colors, ranging from Fitzpatrick types 1 through 5
  • If you develop skin problems after waxing or shaving like bumps, cysts, dark marks or scars
  • If you develop skin discoloration from waxing or if you have melasma
  • If you want smoother skin and to free yourself from hair hassles
  • If you have failed salon or spa treatments using other light devices

Recovery time: No medical downtime

Results last: Permanent

Results seen: after 3-6 treatments usually

BEFORE                        AFTER

Vectus Leg Hair


Understanding more about laser hair removal:

  • Laser hair removal destroys actively growing hair by targeting the color in the hair follicle. It is this selectivity that makes laser hair removal better than other techniques. The knowledge and skill of the person treating you and the scientific sophistication of their method to precisely target your specific hair color, and follicle depth are what largely determine your hair removal success. Vectus Diode Laser hair removal with Dr. Sabetta will provide superior results compared to other systems in all these regards.
  • Vectus is an actual Diode Laser, superior in power, effectiveness, safety and comfort because of the unparalleled sophistication of its technology.  It has rendered older light based methods obsolete!
  • Dr. Sabetta’s ability to harness the power of the Vectus system by designing and performing your treatment for your particular hair color, thickness, and density, while protecting your skin produces better results for you.
  • The safety of any hair removal system correlates with its inherent ability to optimally target your hair follicle for destruction while sparing your skin. That means that your safety is determined by the medical training and experience of the person treating you, technological features and up to date ness of the machine utilized, and if that machine is able to automatically cool your skin during treatment.  These are the features which serve to protect your skin while optimally destroying your growing hairs!

The Palomar Vectus featured at Dr. Sabetta’s office is the only device with the Skintel Melanin Reader with Skin Intelligence which scientifically measures your skin color so we can deliver to you the most accurate and safest treatment available anywhere.

Imagine this, based on consultation with Dr. Sabetta can actually scientifically measure your skin color/ Melanin Index which our device combines with data input about your specific hair color, thickness and density. The result is a precise calculation of the safe and effective settings for YOU.  Compare this with other methods in which settings are largely guessed based on a handful of factory recommendations. Thanks to Dr. Sabetta’s experience with hair removal and utilizing this system, your treatment program will be calculated with more precision and accuracy and therefore better results, than has ever been available before!

Here is some amazing news- in our office, a Vectus session is comfortable and fast!  Our Advanced Contact Cooling System is not only a safety feature, it also benefits you by delivering the most comfortable treatment available anywhere! If you have found other methods to be painful, then our system is for you!  Also, Because of the awesome speed of treatment with this device, if you want to clear large areas like your back, legs, and arms, then our Vectus treatment is ideal for you! Imagine, both legs can be easily treated in about 20 minutes!  A man’s back can be comfortably treated in about 15 minutes. Compare this with 45 minutes of painful treatment by some other methods. Say goodbye to your unwanted hair in comfort and in less time.

Dr. Sabetta provides you superior and caring treatment utilizing Vectus, the premier Hair Removal Laser by Palomar Medical. This is the most up to date method for Permanent Hair Reduction bar none! It matters what device is utilized for your hair removal, and who performs your treatments. Dr. Sabetta provides to you advanced laser permanent hair reduction, thanks to her access to optimized technology.  This sophisticated laser technology is only available through experienced physicians like Dr Sabetta.  Older pulsed light machines perhaps with aestheticians performing your treatment such as may be the case in spas or salons are often associated with painful, time consuming sessions that can treat only limited hair /skin color combinations and therefore with limited results.

More Before and After Photos!

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Vectus Laser Hair Removal vs. Old Methods like Waxing

pro laser

Vectus Laser Hair Removal vs. Old Non Laser Energy Devices

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More Information about Laser Hair Removal in special situations:

Dr Sabetta’s superior Vectus Hair Removal Laser system with Skin Tel melanin reader is vital for your special situations. For example, if you have delicate skin, or light colored hair, or lots of hair, or skin of color, or have failed treatment elsewhere, then our system is essential for you!  Vectus is ideal for virtually all skin colors (Fitzpatrick 1 through 5) and virtually all hair colors (ranging from blonde, red, and light brown, to black) and even for fast-growing, dense and curly hairs. You don’t have to live with the embarrassment of unwanted hair.

Why choose Dr. Julia Sabetta for Permanent Laser Hair Removal?

Dr. Sabetta plans your treatment and performs your treatment herself. Vectus is true LASER hair removal and Dr. Sabetta offers patients a customized experience. Dr. Sabetta uses your Melanin Index and data based on features of your hair to to design a program specific for the needs of your hair and the safety of your skin, thus leading to the best and safest results for you!

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