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After patient’s filler and Botox treatment

Subject: WOW

I thought Dr. Sabetta would like to know that 2 experts have RAVED about the work she did to “refresh” me! My husband loves it too.

My friend, a neurosurgeon was impressed. She will be calling sometime. Yesterday, my colorist could NOT stop looking or complimenting. I’ve known her for 10+ years. She said it’s the best I’ve looked and best filler and Botox work she’s seen. And she’s seen a lot!! She and one of her clients have been looking for a new MD… they’ll be calling.

After patient’s Ultherapy treatment

Thanks should never wait.  So, while I’ll definately say thank you when I see you in March, I wanted to send this note to say thank you now!I’m really happy with the results I’m already seeing-and looking forward to what the next weeks and months will reveal.  You knew better than I what I needed-and also when to say no.  Thanks so much.  See you in March.

P.S. Thanks too, to your staff for her help.  She’s really friendly and worked hard to make me comfortable with all my requests.

After patient’s second procedure for Dr. Sabetta’s PRP Hair Loss Treatment Series 

It has made such a difference not having hair falling out on my back.  My hairdresser noticed it and confirmed that I am sprouting new hair-growth!

 –  VERY Satisfied Patient ,  Age 75 

IPL Photofacial Rejuvination

I loved the results I got from the Max G treatment.. My skin was clear, smooth, and soft and has a glow that hasn’t been there in years. My dark sun spots have gotten noticeably lighter and it’s no problem running out of the house without make-up. Dr. Sabetta seems to know exactly how far to go in getting the optimal results for me.. I think she’s a miracle worker! This procedure that I get every year never disappoints.

– Susan,  Age 68

Patient purchased home care products and after using products for one year she sent us the following e-mail.

right after leaving you I met a friend for dinner who I haven’t seen for awhile..she said my skin looked amazing…hydrated…and that I looked so young?

Jill, Age 61

“After seeing numerous doctors for a heaviness in my brows which was becoming increasingly uncomfortable and wearing me down, I saw Dr. Sabetta who came up with a straightforward solution which was simple, worked and didn’t involve surgery.I am forever grateful! Interestingly, her solution solved my physical problem but also provided a welcome cosmetic benefit. Dr. Sabetta is highly skilled, thoughtful and serious. As someone who has a lot of skin cancer in my family, it is incredibly helpful and efficient to have someone who can advise me and treat my cosmetic needs but who can also address any related dermatological medical issues that arise. Dr. Sabetta did a MOH’s procedure on my elderly father on a very difficult part of his face and I was amazed by how well his scar healed. I wish she had done mine! With her own line of skincare products, cutting edge cosmetic treatments and a warm, friendly staff, Dr. Sabetta has it all.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 – Satisfied Patient ,  Age 54 

“I just wanted to convey to Dr. Julia and the rest of the team how thrilled I am with the results of the Ulthera treatment!  It did exactly what I hoped for taking easily 8-10 years off as advertised.  Most importantly for me, it lifted my eyelids!  Everyone keeps telling me how great/well rested/less stressed I look. ”

                                                                                                                                                – JC,  Age 58 

“I really loved the way that Dr.  Sabetta handled my Botox.  I’ve had it done before by other dermatologists in NYC and it was not done nearly as naturally as Dr. Sabetta has done it. “

                                                                                                                                                           -Ruth M,  Age 41

“I am so pleased with the results I’ve gotten from Laser Complete that Dr. Sabetta performed on me.  My skin is noticeably smoother and the spots from the sun and aging have noticeably improved.  I am a firm believer in having this procedure done once a year.  It is well worth it and Julia Sabetta is amazing. “

                                                                                                                                                           -Cathy P Age 44 

“I had Ulthera in February and I am very happy with the results.  My family and friends have noticed a difference in my chin and neck.  I now enjoy wearing necklaces and I am so happy when I look in the mirror.  I highly recommend it. ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              -Cathy C,  Age 59    

“I could not be happier with the treatments I received. The Ultherapy tightened my face and chin; my skin fits again! In conjunction with Ultherapy I had Juvederm for my marionette lines and they have virtually disappeared and I no longer have that frowning mouth. The Photo Rejuvenation was brilliant and I now have NO need for foundation at all. Ever. Just a bit of tinted moisturizer or sunblock and I am good to go. I receive compliments on my skin almost every day and no one believes my age or that I have a 31 year old daughter or that I am a scant year from 60! Best personal investment ever.”

– Dorothy H, Age 59

“I look great!!” It’s the first time in 3 years that I haven’t needed makeup!”

-Karen H, Age 58

“I’m so happy with how my skin looks I wanted to thank Dr. Julia Sabetta and her staff for all of their help. I get compliments all the time on how natural I look and young, and it’s really important to me at my job. I teach fitness classes and I’m in front of people all the time, don’t wear makeup and go for an all-natural look. Dr. Sabetta uses non-invasive techniques and she has wonderful products that I’ve been using for months and I am so happy with the results. So I wanted to thank her for all her help, and the benefits that I am reaping with my skin.”

– Peg B, Age 44

“I’ve had both laser treatments and Filler and I am very very pleased with the results. As I told doctor Sabetta,  what I am most pleased about is that it looks better, but natural and it still looks like me. And so, I’ve been very pleased.”

– Satisfied Patient

“Ulthera has been amazing. It made my skin look tighter and feel more plump. It was subtle, not life-changing, but gave me a lift I really needed. If I could afford it, i would do my whole body.”

                                                                                                                                                        -Debra S, Age 60