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How to get the most from your Botox

By Julia Sabetta MD, Cosmetic Dermatology of Greenwich and Westport

I often hear from patients that when their Botox completely wears off their family notices a difference.  Even when they may not know what has changed, but regardless allowing your frown lines to return can impact how others perceive you.

Real life constraints can result in people allowing their Botox to totally wear off and the muscle action to return.   Why this may seem like an effective way to save time or money, in the end you are losing out on the preventative benefits of Botox.   We all know that Botox softens or eliminates the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, but the real goal of treatment is to prevent static lines from appearing.

Dynamic wrinkles are those never-flattering frowning, squinting, and forehead crunching wrinkles and other lines that are caused by muscle movement. Static lines are lines that are present even without muscle movement.

Evidence demonstrates that repeated BOTOX use, about every 3-4 months, yields progressive cumulative improvement in not only movement lines, but also in resting wrinkles, skin quality, and pore size.

Consistent treatment in the ideal dose and location boosts the elimination of lines at rest and produces a smoothing effect that confers a youthful appearance.

A 19 year study followed a set of identical twins, one a consistent user of Botox and the other a sporadic recipient. Virtually no forehead wrinkles and only mild crow’s feet were displayed at rest by the consistent user, while her sporadically treated sister had visible forehead wrinkles and deeper crow’s feet.

It’s important to look good and know it, and even better to feel good too! It has been known for years that some patients report feeling less depressed after BOTOX treatment. Now a recent study from the UK has concluded that facial treatment significantly improves self-esteem, general life satisfaction, self-perception of attractiveness, and attractiveness as rated by others.

So, elevate BOTOX to your “important to do regularly” category. Your current and future skin will thank you.

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