Finally there is a non-surgical solution that can lift and tighten loose crepey skin! Absorbable threads are the best option available for tightening and smoothing skin in those difficult to improve areas, such as lower face, neck and jowls.  Threads allow Dr. Sabetta to reposition skin & tissue, which not only lifts skin but also stimulates collagen.  These safe reversible threads physically lift loose jowl skin about ½ inch!  The other advantage of threads is that they tighten skin without filling.


This safe FDA cleared procedure has been used in Asia and Europe for about 10 years. This minimally invasive procedure uses the same type of absorbable PDO suture used to perform open-heart surgery & will not leave you with any scar tissue.  Your skin fully absorbs the sutures within 4 to 6 months but the newly generated collagen will remain.

Truly a mini face lift! This is the best kept secret for looking younger!

Finally there is a non-surgical solution to immediately re-positon and lift sagging skin! Barbed absorbable Thread Lift is a fantastic way to instantly counteract the effects of gravity on your lower face, neck, and eyebrows.  Barbed threads allow Dr. Sabetta to reposition and lift your skin up to a half inch. The threads of Nova Threads and Medi Threads are made of PDO, the same type of safe absorbable suture material used in open heart surgery. for decades.  Your skin fully absorbs Thread Lift threads within 4 to 6 months. As the threads absorb, collagen is stimulated which promotes skin tightening and skin smoothing. Truly an instant mini face lift! This is the best kept secret for looking younger! Smooth PDO Threads can be placed for skin tightening and smoothing in specific locations such as the center neck and cheeks.  Smooth Threads do a spectacular job at instantly and easily improving the under eyes. Using barbed Threads to lift the eyebrows and Smooth Threads under the eyes are a favorite combo.

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