We all feel it. It’s a tough time now- Covid ennui, political overload, days too short and nights too long. We don’t have quick fixes for these biggies but there are a few annoyances for which we can provide the antidote- Zoom Face and Tech Neck.

Zoom has given us a harsh view of how we appear to others -Yikes! Zoom Face is the bulky ill-defined lower face and neck that seems to magnify when we are on Zoom. Tech Neck is a neck unfortunately decorated by horizontal creases and sometimes crepey-ness. We could just invent euphemisms for these issues such as nick-name Tech Neck as Necklace Lines, or we could make constructive use of the time we all have now to address these issues. Here are their best antidotes-

Radiofrequency MicroNeedling/ Needle RF /(RFN)

Radiofrequency Microneedling (RFN) performed on the face and neck smooths and improves, tightens and lifts the skin with negligible downtime and discomfort. Results begin immediately. All these features make RFN a popular remedy for Zoom Face and Tech Neck.

Utilizing the current most up to date teched-out devices like the Genius by Lutronic, and advanced protocols and in Dr Sabetta’s experienced hands even more is attainable. A facelift like effect is even possible- the so called ”Genius Lift”. The jawline becomes sharper, more defined. The under jawline appears slimmer. Game-changing improvement in loose skin, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and crepey skin on the body is possible too- arms, knees, abdomen, bra fat area.


For those with “double chin”, fat under the chin or jawline, not just loose or crepey skin, Kybella is amazing. Kybella is simple injections of deoxycholic acid which kill fat and is easily camouflaged by mask wearing. Fortunately with each subsequent treatment session, the swelling is less and less. Kybella’s permanent fat killing is unique among simple non-invasive modalities.

Chin Filler is the antidote for a so called “weak chin.”

A recessed chin, so called “weak chin” is when the chin or jawline is more posteriorly located than the norm. Ideally, the chin should have the same projection as the lower lip. A weak chin makes someone appear heavier and unfortunately connotes weakness which is a disadvantage in work and personal life. Many men especially hate this problem although they can at least grow a beard to deflect the onlooker. A diminutive chin can be augmented by injectable filler to immediately strengthen the projection and look of the profile; instant self-confidence.

Eventually life will return toward normal, we will unmask and we all want to be ready!