Dear Patients,

In light of COVID-19, I want to reassure you with some of the practices we do in our offices to protect you.

  1. DISTANCING– Years ago we began this policy by booking generously, keeping suite doors closed and scheduling extra time between patients. We instituted this to increase your quality time with the doctor and to maximize your privacy while in our space. These policies provided you with the now important benefit of distancing, minimizing proximity of other patients.  Now we are stepping up this policy even further.  This is the level of dermatologic care you deserve.
  2. SANITIZING– As a fellowship trained Laser and Mohs Surgeon and board certified Dermatologist and Dermatologic Surgeon, I practice sterile surgical technique, and the best hygiene practices using appropriate medical grade sanitizers. Now, we have advanced these practices beyond the back office to include the front office too.
  3. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT– Don’t be alarmed if you see me in full surgical garb for even minor procedures or for exams now- It’s for your protection.

Your well being is our passion.


Don’t touch your face.

Wash or sanitize your hands frequently.

Cough or sneeze in a tissue that you then discard.

Clean and disinfect surfaces touched by others or items that come in contact with other items, including your cell phone.

If you are sick or have a fever or cough, please call your Internist and refrain from exposing others to yourself. If you have been abroad within 2 weeks of your scheduled appointment with us, let us know.

If you have been advised to self-quarantine, please do so.

We will all get through this together!

Warmest Regards,

Julia Sabetta MD