What’s the best treatment option for your beauty concerns? Every patient is different, with unique anatomy, skin tone and texture, and physical health. For that reason, Dr. Julia Sabetta works closely with each and every patient to help them choose the best treatment option for their beauty concerns.

This guide will help you identify the treatment options Dr. Julia will discuss with you during your consultation.

Movement Lines

Movement lines are those lines and creases created by repetitive movement, like when we frown, laugh, raise our brows, or smile. With continued movements, these lines and creases become more pronounced as the skin loses elasticity. Read More >>

Volume Loss/Descent

As we age, our faces lose some of the natural structure that keeps a face looking young, supple, soft, and taut. Volume in the face is not only lost, but also falls or droops downward due to the effects of gravity in a process known as volume descent. This loss or drooping volume can make our faces look sunken or tired. Read More >>

Combo Issues

Some facial issues are the culmination of multiple aging factors working together, we call these combo issues. Such issues require multiple modes of treatment for maximum correction. Read More >>

Surface Issues

The combination of sun, stress, time and the elements cause wrinkles, discolorations, and texture changes in the skin. Surface issues can occur at any age and include a range of concerns and treatments. Read More >>

Hand Rejuvenation

We use our hands every day and, just like our faces, our hands tell a story. Aging hands can begin to show age spots and veins as the fatty layer of the hand disappears. Today, aging hands are referred to as, “Granny Hands.” Read More >>

Sagging/Loose Skin

Time, gravity, genetics and significant weight change can lead to lax facial skin, jowls and a sagging neck. There is a natural looking, gradual alternative to facelift surgery! Dr. Julia Sabetta offers a variety of treatments that can make you appear younger with little to no downtime. Read More >>


There are special issues that do not always fall into easily defined categories. There are a number of treatments that can be used to combat pervasive issues, such as excessive sweating and rosacea. Other patients’ concerns have been with leg veins, stretch marks, unwanted body hair, undesired scarring and additional persistent issues. Dr. Julia Sabetta is committed to helping her patients realize their most beautiful, confident selves. Read More >>