There are special issues that do not always fall into easily defined categories. There are a number of treatments that can be used to combat pervasive issues, such as excessive sweating and rosacea. Other patients’ concerns have been with leg veins, stretch marks, unwanted body hair, undesired scarring and additional persistent issues. Dr. Julia Sabetta is committed to helping her patients realize their most beautiful, confident selves.

Special Issues:

  • Excessive sweating/ armpit perspiration/ hyperhydrosis is treated with Botox® or Genius Needle RF®.
  • Rosacea can be treated with Photo-Facial Rejuvenation, Peels, or Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT).
  • Leg Spider Veins are normally treated with Sclerotherapy, injection. This is still the gold standard for effective, long lasting results.
  • Resistant Acne, including Back Acne, is treated with Photo Dynamic Therapy and salicylic acid Peels.
  • Mask Acne is largely a local phenomenon caused by irritation of sebaceous glands on the chin and face from wearing masks during the Covid 19 pandemic. Usually topical acne products make this issue manageable. Products that are useful include  Dr Sabetta’s Detox Mask, BP wash, Gly Sal Pads.
  • Stretch Marks: Many people, young and mature, men and women are annoyed by the appearance of their stretch marks. Stretch Marks ( Striae is the medical term), are optimally treated with Genius Needle RF / Micro-needle Radio Frequency.  This precision device brings energy to the needed layers of the stretch mark for optimal contraction and new collagen stimulatioin.  Needle RF is safe for all skin types. This is a welcome advance as white or light colored striae are more noticeable in darker skin individuals.  Genius is smart technology and the most up-to-date device of its kind.  For years, Fractional Laser Resurfacing 1540 nm Non-ablative laser has been helping those annoyed by the appearance of their stretch marks. This machine, FDA approved for  stretch marks is still a viable option for stretch mark management.
  • Melasma is generally treated with a system of home products, plus intermittent office Peels, Genius Needle RF, Fractional Laser Resurfacing Series.
  •   Patients with Facial Acne Scarring routinely experience life changing improvement when treated using Genius Needle RF. Each session yields noticeable results with minimal downtime.
  • Unwanted or Excessive Hair can be permanently reduced and comfortably treated by Vectus Laser Hair Removal with Skin Intelligence SkinTel  Melanin Reader.
  • Body Contouring  is safely achieved by Liposonix non-invasive ultrasound method.  This customized area by area fat reduction method is great for body contouring of the belly, love handles, inner thighs and knees and outer thighs of women and men. Unlike other methods like CoolSculpting, Liposonix does NOT have risk of associated post procedure pain nor Parodoxical Adipocyte Hyperplasia (PAH).
  • Mohs Surgery for complex skin cancers- Dr Sabetta is a fellowship trained Mohs Skin Cancer Surgeon and a Life Fellow of the American College of Mohs Surgery. Dr Sabetta is well known for her skills in treating skin cancer and reconstruction after skin cancer removal.

Your face, your needs, and your lifestyle make you and your problem areas unique – you need a plan that’s right for you!